Special Features of our Nitemper/Nitriding Furnace

  • Special two speed recirculation fan assembly
  • Special cooling hatch
  • Special imported inner and pilot burner with control unit
  • Gas panel with predominant imported components
  • Fully automatic operation by plc and hmi
  • Can be connected to a scada system
  • Thyristorised heating control
  • All safety interlocks taken care of and in built
  • Provided with ammonia post combustion unit if nitriding process has to be carried out
  • Patented ipsen nitemper process
  • Size – 1200x1000x750mm
  • Weight – Gross 1500kgs
  • Process – Gas Nitriding/Nitro Carburizing/ Pre & Post Oxidation


  • Combines excellent wear and lubricating properties with high load carrying capacity and corrosion resistance
  • Low temperature process with very little distortion
  • Process uses NH3 + a Carbon evolving gas, instead of only NH3 as in conventional gas nitriding
  • Nitemper® – a patented Ipsen process using 50% NH3 + 50% Endogas
  • Adapted batch and continuous furnace technology

Post Nitriding Properties

  • Wear resistance and self-lubrication
  • Increase in fatigue strength – a characteristic of the diffusion zone, so it remains even in absence of compound layer
  • High corrosion resistance – because of stable Fe-C-N layer

Feature of Nitriding Method

Nitemper® /Nitriding vs. Salt Bath Nitriding

  • Cycle time can be as long as required
  • Automation is simple
  • No disposal issues –gas emission control is easier
  • Safer operation
  • Batch Furnace so charge loading/unloading is very easy
  • Uniform distribution of Nitriding Layer
Salt Bath Nitriding
  • Cycle time should be short – cleaning problems
  • Automation is difficult
  • Salt disposal is a big issue and may be banned in future
  • Salt exposes operators to health hazards
  • Not uniform distribution of Nitriding Layer
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