Goel Steel Company, founded in 1973, has offices in Mumbai and the National Capital Region in addition to its head office in Chennai. We are India’s first steel stockiest with comprehensive solutions for tool steels all in under one roof. Currently, we have seven service centres for tool, special, and alloy steels and we diversified into engineering services in 2011 into tool room activities, vacuum heat treatment, and surface treatment. With the ever-increasing demand for tooling and special steels, as well as with strong technical support from our principals around the globe, we are dedicated to bringing the best steels and processing methods into our nation in order to boost engineering industry productivity and overall competitiveness.

Company Policy

Goel Steel Company is based on strong traditional principles and is dedicated to offering the best tool and special steels, as well as technical services from our partners across the world, to the engineering industry. We provide uncompromising and comprehensive service to all of our clients. Our commitment to quality is unwavering.


Become essential to our customers by providing differentiated products and services to help them achieve their aspirations. To create a long term sustainable and value-driven organization to best serve our employees, customers and partners.


  • The value add provider to the Engineering and Auto Industries.
  • A vendor who continuously updates and adds competitiveness to its customers and works towards enhancing knowledge of process and materials.
  • A cohesive team that respects one another’s opinions and collectively generates a direction that meets expected results.
  • A sustainable, profitable business that consistently reviews and eliminates non-conforming entities/products and non-performing personnel.


We shall maintain strong, ethical and closed relationships with our suppliers and customers. Any information shared with us shall be treated as strictly confidential and will not be passed on without clearance from the concerned party
Passion/High Energy/Strong Work Ethic:
We are dedicated to achieving exceptional performance in all we do. We operate with a level of dedication, loyalty and positive energy that sets us apart from our competition. We respond to the needs and expectations of our customers. We encourage creativity and innovation as we constantly seek to improve our products and services and enhance the quality of life in our company.
We are professional and honest in our working relationships. We strive for equality and fairness in our decision making and in our treatment of one another. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and performance standards.
Teamwork/Results Driven:
We get the job done! We value our culture, one of participation and building strong partnerships across our organization and organizations with which we do business. We respect individual differences recognizing they are a part of our strength as a team. We share ideas to inspire and learn from one another.

We believe the long term success of our employees directly correlates to the long term success of the business. We recognize that sustainability and culture are directly linked and our employees are the source of our success.

Services Provided

  • Tools and specific steels are what we stock, cut, and sell. We also mill, heat treat, and nitride them. We have the grades and sizes you’re looking for in stock.
  • As and when necessary, we can process and meet your needs.
  • We will obtain the most affordable offer from our principals if you would like to inquire about any of the brands or specifications directly.
  • To the best of our ability, we can provide you with profile-cut material to reduce your downtime and costs.
  • Pre-machined blocks in mutually agreeable tolerances are something we can provide.
  • We have VMCs that can even create your entire moulds.
  • Vacuum heat treatment is what we do for tool steel. We can heat treat even the largest dies.
    For the steel used in tool construction, we can nitride and oxidise the surfaces.

Our Director / CEO

Pankaj Goel

Partner / Director pankaj@goelsteel.com

Sanjay Goel

Partner / Director sanjay@goelsteel.com

Pankaj RUIA

Ceo – West zone pankajruia@gmail.com

Subhash Gupta

Ceo – North zone sg@goelsteel.com

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