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Goel Special Steel Engineering Pvt Ltd


Goel Steel Company has been serving the tool and die steel industry since 1973 and has 7 service centres and represents worlds best manufacturers in our country. We have been able to harness to our mutual benefit the developed technology of these manufacturers and able to improve our steel products and machining capabilities.

We at Goel Steel are working to provide Vacuum Heat Treatment facilities using the highest state of the art technology with full support from our principals in Asia/Europe and India.

Modern vacuum furnaces are being made available for the heat treatment of tools.

To understand heat treatment thoroughly, the meaning of hardening has to be understood exactly. Quenching actually changes the structure of steel. Tool steel starts the heat treatment with austenitic structure but ends with martensitic or bainitic structure.

We wish and pray for your continued patronage to our Heat treatment unit-Goel Special Steels & Engineeirng Pvt Ltd.

Note: Photographs and illustrations are more for clarity and educative purpose of the business we do and not necessarily in original form of our service centers